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Strategic Plan

Our mission is to provide a free and appropriate public education for all students in the least restrictive environment with high academic standards to create independent, resourceful, lifelong learners in today's diverse world.

Educational Support includes a partnership among highly qualified staff, students, parents and the community. A unified system of general and special education capably responds to the needs of all students by accessing a range of specialized services. Medical Lake School District Educational Support Services (ESS) emphasizes the continuum of standards providing accountability for all students, including those with special needs.

ESS is proactive in educating and sharing information with parents, students and community. For students with special needs, processes are put in place to ensure the educational services and programs selected are both appropriate and effective to meet individual needs. Improvement in student performance is achieved by the design, use and assessment of resources within the school.

“It takes a community to raise a child.”

Educational Support Services is committed to the five major research-based structural components of an effective organization:

Educational Support Services meet the individual needs of all students by providing appropriate programs. In doing this:
Optimal educational environment in all programs are provided.
Resources and curriculum meet the requirements of the state and district at the individual levels of the students.
Instruction is provided to accommodate a variety of learning styles and abilities.
Teaching techniques that are researched based are utilized.
Proactive early childhood education programs are a priority.

Planning for student success is diverse, individualized, collaborative, flexible and ongoing.
In the curriculum adoption cycle, the district considers the diverse needs of all students.
There is flexibility in planning the program to determine the needs of each student.
The student’s classroom needs drive the education plan. 
There are regularly planned collaboration opportunities among students, parents and staff to coordinate all aspects of the student’s education. 
The district is dedicated to plan and pursue additional funding and research to enhance the education of all students. 
Change is planned, facilitated and supported. 
Students, staff and parents are fully prepared for transitions between grade levels, buildings and community.

Educational Support Services are dedicated to high standards that promote the following:
Educational Support Services has highly qualified staff that shares the values and beliefs of the Educational Support team, buildings, and school district.
Collaboration regularly occurs between specialists and classroom staff.
Staffing allows for manageable workloads for all specialists.
Medical Lake School District supports diverse professional development and provides continuing education that targets a wide range of topics necessary for meeting the needs of all students and is provided to all staff.
Opportunities for peer coaching and mentoring are available for all staff members.
The full time research coordinator/grant writer obtains additional funding to enhance educational programs.

Educational Support Services is proactive in sharing information among parents, community, students and staff is a key element to our continuous improvement effort. This is accomplished by:
Creating partnerships between home, school and the community.
Raising awareness of services offered through Medical Lake School District.
Educating and collaborating with building and district staff on procedures, services and individual student programs.
Educating parents on procedures, services and individual student programs.
Continuing ongoing assessment of student programs involving parents, community, students and staff.

Medical Lake School District educational support service programs provide an efficient and effective system to support our students in an environment conducive to the diverse needs of all children. To achieve this:
Informational training and technical support
Maintains educational support library
Education is supported by technological advances
Educational support facility
Ongoing education for specialists, staff and parents
Ongoing research on effective strategies
Funding for team teaching, coaching and mentoring
Appropriate space provided for specialists’ and students’ needs
Adaptive, supplemental, and modified curricula
Laptops for specialists
Collaborative transitional support
Ongoing interaction with local businesses, colleges, state/federal agencies
Continuum of services within grade levels, building, and community
Adequate revenues are generated for educational support
Utilizing all available sources of the state and federal funding
Fundraising techniques
Appropriate grant funds
Private and public partnerships