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District Health and Wellness

FREE Workshops/Classes at the Medical Lake School District Wellness Center 

317 N. Broad Street, Medical Lake, WA, 99022

We are offering free onsite childcare. Click on the buttons below to see the upcoming classes as well as other services provided.

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Medical Lake School District Wellness Policy


Medical Lake School District #326 and its Board of Directors is committed to the optimal development of every student. The District believes that for students to have the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, developmental and social success, we need to create positive, safe and health-promoting learning environments at every level, in every setting throughout the school year.

Research shows good nutrition and physical activity are strongly correlated with positive outcomes.

The superintendent will designate (a) school official(s) to lead and coordinate the District’s compliance with the Wellness Policy and implement it within the current Curriculum Coordinating Council. 

The designee will: 

  • update or modify the wellness policy as appropriate;
  • involve, inform and update the public, students, parents and other stakeholders about content and implementation of the wellness policy;
  • assess the wellness policy, at least once every 3 years, to measure compliance; 
  • ensure there are specific goals for nutrition promotion and education;
  • ensure available foods and beverages follow Smart Snacks in Schools standards;
  • ensure other food and beverages (i.e. classroom parties, parent provided snacks) follow Smart Snacks in Schools standards; and
  • ensure marketing and advertising only of foods and beverages that meet Smart Snacks in Schools standards.