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Message from the Superintendent 9.17.2021

Dear Medical Lake School District Families,

I want to start with thanking you for an excellent beginning of the school year.  Seeing the students, parents and staff excited to return to school was refreshing and felt like a traditional start to school with the exception of wearing masks.  I was proud of how we as a school community responded to wearing masks and our students continue  to do so.

I am sure you are aware that the Covid Delta Variant is in our community and entering our schools.  At this time the center point has been our high school and within our community.  Our other schools have had minimal cases.  Our Covid Care Team is diligently responding to requests to test, questions via email and contact tracing with follow ups with impacted individuals and families.  Our goal has been to respond within 24 hours but the large influx of cases and inquiries is taking more time.

In the first three weeks of school we have tested approximately 290 people including staff and students.   This has put a constraint on our supply of testing kits and we are waiting more to arrive within a few days.  However, this has unfortunately limited our ability to test all who request it.  If you have the opportunity to test your symptomatic student through an outside provider that would be greatly appreciated and beneficial to you getting the results sooner than later.

Given the current situation please pay close attention to your student and potential symptoms.  We had so many families and students think it was allergies or just the beginning of a cold which then turned into a positive test.  If you see this please keep them at home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.

Our ultimate goal is to keep all of our schools open for in-person instruction and with your support and our diligence to follow all safety protocols we can get through this.   

Mr. Ames