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Message to Students and Families at Medical Lake High School


Dear Cardinal Students and Families,

Good afternoon Cardinal students and families. I sincerely hope that this letter finds you healthy and working through this very difficult time. Our well being is without question the number one priority and we all have a responsibility to that. Another priority that we are focusing on is trying to provide a sense of normalcy and balance for our students as it relates to school life.

We are currently working  hard as a team to create a distance learning program. Expectations for student learning from Washington State have been fluid since the onset of the school closure but guidance was recently provided which has allowed us to move faster on our plan. Our goal is to communicate a weekly learning schedule to all students by Monday, March 30. This plan would outline weekly learning expectations and communication opportunities for student support.

With that, it is essential that we gather important information from you. As we venture into this new world of social distancing and distance learning, we will rely heavily on an important classroom resource called Google Classroom. Google Classroom is currently being used in many classrooms already; this will only make this temporary transition easier as the majority, if not all students, are well versed in its operation. For students without reliable internet access, please know that weekly learning opportunities consistent with those posted in Google Classroom will be provided and we will develop a plan to ensure that you receive those materials.

Here is where we need your help. It is very important that we know who does not have reliable internet access. If you do not have reliable internet access please contact:

  • MLHS Assistant Principal Justin Blayne

Another important topic that may be of note is building access and the ability for students to retrieve essential learning items (chromebook, textbook, etc) from school. At this point, the building is not available; however, essential staff are working and we can arrange for students to retrieve these items. Please contact Justin Blayne (see info above) and we will make a plan.

Please rest assured that we will be by your side throughout the process of distance learning.  Families, we ask that you partner with us to ensure students are accessing the posted learning opportunities that are made available. Students, please check your school email daily and remain plugged-in to your google classrooms. In closing, thank you for partnering with us.  We wish you safety and health as we continue this journey together. When we work together we are better. Be well!



Chris Spring