Medical LakeSchool District

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School District Main Office

Welcome to Medical Lake School District
PO Box 128
Medical Lake WA  99022
Phone: 509-565-3100                                                                           Fax: 509-565-3102
Superintendent Timothy D. Ames
Mr. Timothy D. Ames 
Medical Lake School District
Director of Teaching and Learning, Kimberly Headrick
 Director of Teaching  and  Learning
Sarra Reiber Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Administrative Assistant
Julie Davis Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching and Learning
 Administrative Assistant
 to Director of Teaching
 and Learning 
Debra Dupey Human Resources Specialist and Student Data Supervisor
Human Resources Specialist
Student Data Supervisor 
Burt Edwards Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Assistant
Gary Hartman Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor
Don O. Johnson Fiscal Advisor
Fiscal Advisor
Stefan Swenson Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable 
Chad Moss Director of Finance
Director of Finance
Nutrition Services Director
Technology Specialist
Justeen Paige Payroll/Benefits Administrator
Trevor Meade Director of Technology
Director of Technology