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Para Educators Core Competency Training Courses


Social and Emotional Learning standards added to the paraeducator standards of practice

January 15, 2020

BULLETIN NO. 01-2020


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The Paraeducator Certificate Program offers statewide standards-based training for all paraeducators and supports a career growth ladder for those who wish to advance their career. 

Beginning February 1, 2020, training on the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) must include standards on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). These standards are a requirement of SB 5082 Sec. 5. The Paraeducator Board adopted this change on January 15, 2020, to comply with the requirement (WAC 179-07-040). Please review the following resources and their updates:

New SEL standards 

Standard 3: Support a positive and safe learning environment

3.1D: Knowledge of how to consider the well-being of others and a desire to contribute and support students, school, and community.

  • Added to unit FCS02: Methods of Educational and Instructional Support

3.2E: Demonstrate an awareness of student emotion, and the skill to help direct or express a student’s emotions, thoughts, impulses, and stress in constructive ways. 

  • Added to unit FCS02: Methods of Educational and Instructional Support.

3.2F: Demonstrate the ability to assist students to access family, school, and community resources of support.

  • Added to unit FCS08: Child and Adolescent Development

3.2G: Demonstrate the ability to assist in the development of a student’s sense of social and community responsibility.

  • Added to unit FCS07: Behavior Management and Safe Learning Environment

FAQ regarding new standards

When must training on the FCS include SEL standards?

  • Beginning on February 1, 2020, all training moving forward must include SEL standards.

Our district, or partner provider, has completed training on units FCS 02, 07, or 08. Are we required to retrain these paraeducators on the units?

  • No. If you have fully completed the training requirements of units FCS 02, 07, or 08, then you are not required to retrain your paraeducators on the specific unit with the added requirements. 

Our district already provides training on SEL. Can we use this training to meet the requirements?

  • Yes. If your training meets the requirements of the FCS learning objectives, then we highly recommend using that training.

Will our district have more time to provide training on the FCS, now that there are new training requirements?

  • No. The Legislature did not increase the amount of time to provide training on the FCS, which is four days (28 hours). Districts must add this training to their scheduled programming. 


For questions regarding this program, please contact Zoe Hammes-Hefti at 360-725-4956 or email [email protected].

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